MY Songs are driven by vengeance, emotion, and attitude. I USE adversity as fuel and MY music is a representation of who I AM and what I HAVE to say. 

I'm a singer-songwriter born and raised in Texas. I grew up with my father's 1976 Takamine acoustic guitar within reach always wishing I knew how to play; but it wasn't until moving to San Marcos, Texas for school that I decided to take it with me to see what would happen. 

Several years and heartbreaks later, I picked up that old guitar I grew up with and taught myself how to pick and play. Shortly after, songs started pouring out of me and I couldn't stop them. The rest is history. You'd better not cross me or you'll probably hear a song about it. 

My new EP "Trouble" was released Friday, October 21st and you can find it pretty much anywhere.